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If you are looking for someone to help your business get on track for a bright financial future, Smith Carney is here to help. We do not want you to navigate your taxes, bookkeeping, or estate planning on your own. Because we value the businesses in our community, we want to set you up for success. A professional CPA  from our team is here for you.

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  • 5 S. Commerce Ave, Suite 33, Ardmore, OK 73401
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  • (580) 226-1227
  • (580) 226-1229

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You might be wondering whether or not you are in need of professional accounting or tax services. But the facts are clear – if you own a business, you could benefit from professional guidance. Without assistance, there is too much room for error. From payroll mistakes to tax issues, you could end up losing out on thousands of dollars.

At worst, you could make a mistake that costs you everything. If you do not properly file your taxes or you make an error with your payroll. You could have serious consequences. Why put yourself at risk when you can minimize litigation and profit loss with professional accounting services?

Here at Smith Carney, we want to learn more about your business. We will listen to your concerns and come up with a plan to meet your financial goals. In some cases, this could mean extensive tax planning. And, at other times, it might mean trust and estate planning.

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